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Trove FAQs

Trove is a community of financial professionals who use personality-based discovery tools to provide the best client experience possible.

Trove is designed specifically for financial professionals who work directly with clients and use personality-based assessments to facilitate money-related conversations.

The focus of Trove is on the application of personality-based discovery tools to the advisor-client relationship. Trove exists to:

  • Empower financial professionals to have in-depth and fruitful money mindset conversations;
  • Provide clients with personalized advice based on their unique personality characteristics; and
  • Track success of coaching and mindset conversations through measurement.


  1. Expert advice on implementing assessments
  2. Case studies & consultation group meetings
  3. Exclusive knowledge base with curated resources to enhance the assessment implementation

Yes! You can learn from our community without subscribing to the DataPoints client discovery tools (or, create a trial here).

As part of Trove, you’ll have access to our members-only community where you can ask questions, learn from others, and engage with our community leaders.

No problem. All recordings will be available on the private Trove Community page for you to review at your convenience.

Yes! You can bring your case to our case study sessions for group coaching, or you can request an in-depth analysis of client results by our team here. 

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Get to know the Trove leaders.
Ashley Quamme

Ashley Quamme, LMFT, FBS®, CFT-I™

Head of Advisor Training
Financial Therapy, Financial Coaching, Financial Behavior Specialist®

Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D.

President, DataPoints
Psychology, Psychometrics, Test Design, and Data Analytics Insights

The results.

"[Ashley's] insights into our clients' attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours around money helped us build deeper relationships with clients, provide better advice, and differentiate our service. Highly recommend."
David O'Leary, KindWealth
"Understanding our frugality differences has allowed us set better expectations of each other and work together easier."
Financial Coaching Client
"Because these tools are generated through responses from the clients, it gets you a level of buy-in that’s more readily accepted. It also gives focus, helps couples see differences, and generally gives you a great baseline. I use them regularly!"
Financial Coach

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