Are your clients in the building wealth phase of life?

Guide them based on the The Millionaire Next Door model

The first step to helping clients achieve their financial goals and follow their plans is understanding their wealth-related personality.

Give your clients a scientific roadmap to achieving their financial goals with the Building Wealth test from DataPoints.

The Building Wealth Model - DataPoints

A client’s money mindset impacts saving, spending, and investing decisions.

Implement this model into your client experience to guide your clients toward achieving financial goals.

Use the Building Wealth test during onboarding to get a clear picture of their wealth-building personality.

  • Customize your communication and advice to help them improve in each area.
  • Compare couples to identify agreements & disagreements (even before your first meeting).
  • Track change over time.

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What can you share with clients about their money mindset? Check out our client-focused video below.