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Understanding Clients Made Easier

[DataPoints] gives financial advisors multiple tools to uncover their clients’ money-related attitudes, beliefs, and values.
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Beyond Budgets Podcast

Busting Money Myths with Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw

What if the secret to financial success was less about numbers and more about your mindset? And what if achieving a balance between long-term family financial planning and short-term financial management could be easier than you think?
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The Most Hated F-Word

The Scientific Research Behind Money-Related Personality of Self-Made Millionaires

We’ll uncover behavioural patterns that predict financial success and the profound impact of personality on wealth. How focusing on personal growth, not societal comparisons, is timeless wisdom from self-made millionaire research. Additionally, you’ll learn the power of inner self-control in securing your financial future.
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Money Talk News

9 Millionaire Habits You Can Learn From

Be frugal, make sound financial decisions and ignore what your coworkers and friends are driving, buying and wearing.
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Meb Faber Podcast

The Psychology of The Millionaire Next Door

Sarah explains how she’s able to help advisors learn their clients’ individual personality towards financial decisions and coach them to make better financial decisions. She shares some best practices from working with advisors.
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