Who is Using DataPoints?

Financial Planners Who Value The Behavioral Side of Financial Services

DataPoints provides behavioral assessments that measure a wide range of money-related characteristics that impact financial success. We work with financial coaches, planners, and others to bring behavioral science expertise to the work of helping clients. See what financial advisors using DataPoints are saying. Add DataPoints to your own practice.

A successful financial planning relationship is about more than just crunching numbers. The DataPoints’ behavioral and risk tolerance assessments lead to valued discussions between clients and planners that result in advice and coaching tailored to each client’s relationship with money. The ongoing resources and support provided by the DataPoints’ team are top notch.

We’ve been using DataPoints in our practice since it first launched back in 2016. The assessments help us get a complete picture of our clients’ attitudes, behaviors, and personality when it comes to finances. We work with physicians and their spouses, and we’re able to use the results to demonstrate how their behaviors can help them achieve their financial goals. With DataPoints results and our focus on the behavioral side of financial planning, our clients are improving their potential for long-term financial success.

I have been using DataPoints since the beginning and love it! I use the software for each prospective client meeting — often the Building Wealth test — and then have clients retake the test about a year after working together. It’s amazing to see how clients progress after just twelve months of working together. Additionally, the Investor Profile test is helpful when crafting Investment Policy Statements. This tool has been incredibly beneficial to my practice.

  • Deborah Meyer, CPA/PFS, CFP® – WorthyNest

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