Financial Guide test from DataPoints

Get to know your unique competencies with financial advisor assessment from DataPoints. To get started, respond to questions and provide your background information. Once you complete the test, you will receive a personalized report in your inbox.


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What Is An “Assesment?”

Assessments, or tests, are designed to uncover unique characteristics about you that are often unseen. In fact, our personality, attitudes, and values are all characteristics that can be measured using assessments. However, not all assessments are alike. Some are based on research and data. The science of creating assessments is called psychometrics.

Why Take The Financial Advisor Assessment?

Self-exploration can help us improve. In fact, scientifically created behavioral assessments, or tests, are one way to help you uncover characteristics about yourself that could help you improve the way you provide service to clients. Take the financial advisor test from DataPoints to uncover your unique competencies when it comes to managing your business, delivering advice to clients, and developing your skills.

The Details

The test contains over 90 questions. Most advisors complete the test in 10-15 minutes. We ask for your name and email address so that we can send you your results. After you complete the test, you will receive a report in your inbox. You can learn about our privacy policy here and our terms of use here.

Using Assessments to Coach Advisors

How can you pinpoint areas for ongoing development? Behavioral assessments can be a key component in coaching advisors. The Financial Guide assessment provides you with detailed insights on advisor competencies. So, you can use this information to coach and develop advisors to reach their potential.

To use the advisor assessment in your practice to coach or develop advisors, please get in touch with us here.