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Financial Psychology: Attitudes & Wellness

Eligible for 1 CFP Board CE Credit - Live Session

Each of us enters the financial planning process with a unique set of attitudes and outlook about everything from investing to budgeting. Our perspective can influence success when it comes to money-related matters. In this session, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how attitudes relate to financial behaviors and financial outcomes such as net worth, regardless of how old we are or our income level.

Psychometrics - Measuring Money-Related Characteristics

Eligible for 1 CFP Board CE Credit - Live Session

The way clients approach financial management depends greatly on their financial psychology. Understanding the unique psychology of a client can better prepare you to provide advice and guidance in a way that will lead to a maximum level of success. In this session, we’ll explore different methods of understanding financial psychology via the use of psychometrics, or the science of measuring psychological characteristics. You will learn to distinguish between different types of assessments, understand what makes a “good” test, and learn best practices for using assessments with clients.

Who can be The Next Millionaire Next Door? The Competencies of Building Wealth

Eligible for 1 CFP Board CE Credit - Live Session

When it comes to financial outcomes, behaviors matter. Based on over 40 years of data, part of which led to The Millionaire Next Door, six critical competencies (i.e., behavioral factors) were found to relate to an individual’s net worth above and beyond age and income. In this session, you will get an in-depth understanding of each factor, how they impact financial success, and what can be done to improve in each area over time.

Financial Psychology: Overview

Eligible for 1 CFP Board CE Credit - Live Session

How does psychology play into the way we save, spend, and invest? In this session, you’ll learn how different aspects of psychology, including developmental, cognitive psychology, and clinical psychology, play into both individual choices and financial planning relationships. We’ll distinguish between two sides of financial psychology: client psychology, which focuses on the client-advisor relationship, and individual differences, which focuses on the client as an individual. You will learn how life experiences, personality, and other characteristics set the stage for future financial behaviors, as well as how to use structured interviews and assessments to learn more about the financial psychology of clients.

Client Characteristics & The Psychology of Financial Planning

The psychology of financial planning covers how psychological theories, research, and methods can enhance financial planners’ interactions with clients and the plans they create. Measuring client characteristics is one of the key components of the Principal Knowledge Topics from the CFP Board. Financial planners can measure client attitudes, values, learning styles, risk tolerance, motivation, and other characteristics through various methods. In turn, financial planners can use these insights to enhance communication and guidance. In this session, you will learn how to measure client characteristics and apply the insights in your practice.

Psychological Risk Tolerance

Eligible for 1 CFP Board CE Credit - Live Session

A client’s psychological risk tolerance, or the client’s enduring personality characteristics related to the ability to withstand the ongoing losses and gains, is a complex and multidimensional set of constructs. 

This session will help you understand the factors of psychological risk tolerance and how they relate to decisions clients make during times of market downturns. This session will cover the following client characteristics: self-esteem, self-efficacy, knowledge, emotional stability, risk personality, and risk preference. 

By understanding psychological risk tolerance, you will have a better understanding of how the client might react to market downturns in the future while also having insights into how you can guide and coach clients to become better investors over time.

About The Financial Psychology CFP Board CE Credit Sessions

Each of our CFP Board CE credit sessions provides you with an overview of a specific area within the broad field of financial psychology. Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw, an industrial psychologist and founder of DataPoints, leads each session to help you understand the unique characteristics of your clients and how that can impact the work you do as well as their financial success.

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