DataPoints - The value of assessing cilent personality

Add the psychology of financial planning
to your practice.

Make it easy with DataPoints.


There’s no doubt about it: mindset impacts financial success.

Financial planners around the world work with DataPoints to add the psychology of financial planning to their client experience.

How can uncovering client money mindset positively impact your practice?

Get our latest eBook on the value of behavioral assessments to learn how you can enhance your practice to:

  • Communicate with clients based on money attitudes
  • Prepare for money (dis)agreements with couples
  • Anticipate biases to guide better investing decisions
  • Help clients avoid behavioral pitfalls
  • Guide the next generation of millionaires next door

Backed by The Millionaire Next Door, DataPoints provides advisors tools to identify client personality, the first step in helping clients avoid behavioral pitfalls and achieve financial success.

Read more about the psychology of financial planning here.

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