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Our tests are used by advisors worldwide to uncover client money mindset.

Here's just a few of our discovery tools:

The Building Wealth Model - DataPoints

Building Wealth

The Millionaire Next Door test, designed to identify wealth-building potential and for coaching clients.

Investor Profile RTQ

Get multiple insights about your client's investing personality with one test.

What are money attitudes?

Financial Perspectives

Compare attitudes about budgeting, spending, and investing.

Learn about money scripts

Money Scripts

Uncover client money beliefs with the Klontz Money Scripts Inventory-Revised.

About Us

DataPoints tests give advisors insights needed to help clients grow wealth over time.

Our products are grounded in psychometric science, the latest in financial psychology, and the research that fueled The Millionaire Next Door.

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Investor Mindset

Uncover risk tolerance and money mindset.
$ 50 Per Month/Advisor
  • Add the Investor Profile RTQ to your client workflow and our Market Mindset marketing quiz to your website to capture leads.

Beliefs & Wellness

Add Money Scripts® and financial wellness tests.
$ 75 Per Month/Advisor
  • Explore underlying money beliefs with the Klontz Money Scripts® Inventory and add financial wellness quizzes to your website.

The Millionaire Next Door

Uncover wealth potential and retirement approach.
$ 95 Per Month/Advisor
  • From helping to guide millionaires next door to uncovering retirement approach, tailor the client discovery process with our full library.

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