Research and data from The Millionaire Next Door

Uncover The Next Millionaire Next Door

Advisors, coaches, firms, and organizations work with DataPoints for surveys, analyses, and insights. Let’s work together to uncover the next millionaire next door within your prospect and client populations with our tailored consulting programs. Our proprietary survey instruments are based on decades of research that went into books including The Millionaire Next Door.

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Identify Potential

Uncover the potential for your prospects and clients to be The Next Millionaire Next Door. Use analytics to determine how to reach the next generation of affluent clients using our proprietary methodologies. DataPoints will analyze your prospects’ and clients’ potential for building and sustaining wealth. You’ll learn how to tailor your education, service, and resources to identify and guide this key.

Gap Analysis

Understand how millionaires next door view your services and firm. DataPoints will examine how your clients view your service offerings and experience compared to their needs using our proprietary methodologies and tools.

Your firm will receive a complete analysis and actionable steps to enhance how you personalize the experience for all clients.

Investor Reactions

DataPoints will uncover your prospects’ and clients’ reactions, attitudes, and investor composure using proprietary methodologies, assessments, and surveys. You’ll receive a detailed analysis of how your service offerings, communication, and business processes can improve based on the unique characteristics of your prospect and client base.

The Millionaire Next Door Consulting FAQs

How does it take?


Our off-the-shelf survey programs take approximately eight to twelve weeks to complete. This includes collaboration, data collection, analysis, summary writing, and presentation. 

I need a custom survey.
Can DataPoints help?


If your organization is contemplating a new service or product, then a custom survey might make sense. These are typically longer and more costly but have the benefit of providing customized results. Contact us using the form above to learn more.

Why survey? I use tests.


test provides information on how an individual client scores on certain factors (e.g., personality characteristics). Typically, a survey provides group-level analysis on single questions or groups of questions. A test and a survey could have the same questions, but the results and how they are used would be different.

What’s the difference between surveys and tests?


Tests are psychometric instruments designed to measure the psychological characteristics of an individual, such as personality, attitudes, values, or intelligence. Typically, tests are used to provide information about an individual. The results of a test are usually reported at the characteristic level (for example, a score on Risk Composure).

Surveys are instruments designed to measure attitudes, sentiments, or reactions (to name a few) of groups of individuals. Survey results are usually reported at the group level and for specific questions (or items).

We’re considering a strategic initiative around financial psychology. Can you help?


Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw, founder and president of DataPoints, works with firms around the world. Contact us for more information about working with Dr. Fallaw using the form.