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  • PRWeb

    New Report from DataPoints Gives Advisors Insights to Achieve Greater Alpha for Clients

    DataPoints released its first quarterly client financial psychology report brief, the Client FinPsych Report. This quarter’s report focuses on the investing-related attitudes of nearly 1,600 financial planning clients spanning over 140 financial planning firms in the United States.

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  • Financial Planning

    CFP Board adds psychology to key study topics for CE credits, exam

    While behavioral finance may be the most familiar subject within the psychology realm to advisors, Fallaw selected “client and planner attitudes, values, biases” as the most important to understanding clients out of the six under the topic in the CFP Board’s new list.

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  • Nerds Eye View at

    New Product Watch: The Rise of Financial Behavior and Financial Personality Tools.

    The reality is that there are far more “financial behaviors” that impact an individual’s financial success than just their willingness to stay invested and tolerate market volatility, as exemplified by the research underpinning Thomas Stanley and William Danko’s “Millionaire Next Door”, from one’s frugality to their focus on goals to their ability to withstand the temptation of keeping up with the Joneses (and be ‘socially indifferent’ to the spending habits of others).

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  • CNBC

    Here’s what you should be doing in your 20s, 30s and 40s to retire wealthy

    Learn the key behaviors needed to build wealth no matter your age.

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  • UGA Today

    The Author Next Door

    When Thomas Stanley's PhD book "The Millionaire Next Door" was released in 1996 it was hailed as the seminal work in the study of wealth accumulation. In 2018, his daughter Sarah Stanley Fallaw released a follow up that built on his work and added her own innovative perspectives.

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