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Money Personality

What's your money mindset? Find out with this test based on the big five factors of personality.

Refocus: Retirement Approach

What does retirement look like for you? What do you want it to be? Take this test to find out.

Financial Guide test from DataPoints

Financial Guide

Are you a financial professional? Assess your competencies.

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Financial psychology

What is financial psychology?

Learn about this new field.

Money Personality Interview guide

Interview questions to help you uncover your client's money mindset.

7% versus 17%

Savings rate matters. It matters a lot. Learn about wealth potential and outcomes here.

Personality Tests & Financial Planning

Learn how to implement personality tests in the financial planning process.

Values Sort

Sort through and prioritize your values.

Interest Inventory (O*NET)

Learn about your interests with this exercise from O*NET.

Mindset Exercises

More exercises to understand your unique characteristics.

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