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Last updated on February 15th, 2016 at 05:48 pm

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Would you hire a professional advisor based on his or her social media profile? While examining the tables and data in the chapter titled “Time, Energy, and Money” in The Millionaire Next Door, I reread the section titled “Who are your suppliers? It reads in part:

How did you hire your household’s financial advisor? Did you list the position in the help-wanted section of your local newspaper? Did you evaluate the stacks of resumes your advertisement generated? Or did you ask your accountant, attorney, or minister to help you find a quality advisor? Many people tell us that such methods are just too much work. (p. 103)

Of course, these words were written in 1996. Today paper resumes are essentially a thing of the past, and few would consider posting for such small job openings in newspapers. Now it’s 2015, and we have social media! While technology can make the process easier, just as in the 90s, it still takes work to find an excellent professional…much more work than glancing at the pages of Facebook, Twitter feeds or LinkedIn profiles. References, interviews and the like are required…just as they were pre-social media. This work will be worth it if you ultimately find a financial advisor, attorney, CPA, or realtor that performs the best for you and your household.


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