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Last updated on February 16th, 2016 at 02:25 am

Always a teacher, my father loved uncovering hidden trends in the economy, in consumer behavior, and in marketing research, and then sharing them with others. He loved reading articles in newspapers, cutting them out, making notes all over the margins, and then turning those findings into essays on how individuals approach money. I would share articles and summaries from academic journals with him, and (after grading them) he would relate their scientific findings to the financial concerns of the day. He was a student of biographies, intently studying and relaying the rocky paths and determined spirit of individuals from George Washington to Keith Richards. When fans of his books would write in or share stories with him in person, he would weave their unique experiences in with his own accumulated data on financial success.

When we worked together to create his original website in 2009, the goal was to allow him to share his findings and thoughts much sooner than he could via a published book. Last year we started work on a website makeover, to be launched in early 2015.

His last blog was published on February 24th of this year, just a few days before he passed away.

The new site–just launched today–was born out of a desire to streamline and update the original site. I will continue to update the blog with the latest research on wealth accumulation and related topics, provide updates on the book we were working on together (a follow up to The Millionaire Next Door), and share new research findings. Just as before, we invite you to share your millionaire-next-door stories, which we hope will  serve to inspire a new generation to live below their means, accumulate wealth, and become financially independent.

Welcome to the new home of The Millionaire Next Door.

This blog post originally appeared on the Thomas J. Stanley website.

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