Beautiful Disruption

Last updated on February 15th, 2016 at 10:51 pm

According to one Southerner, we’re halfway through what he calls the “60 days of winter” in Atlanta. For those from the Midwest or Northeast, I can almost hear your collective “bless their hearts.”

True, we don’t have snow on the ground here and when we do, the entire city of Atlanta shuts down. However, those living in the South enjoy glimpses of the beauty we have in the Spring much earlier than anywhere else in the country.

Regardless of what Mother Nature brings to us in the next few weeks, Data Points is poised to unveil our technology to identify and develop client wealth potential, a rebrand of our site, and a white paper that helps all of those in financial services understand the utility of behavioral science in financial planning. The real beauty of this is that we are basing our work on science rather than whim, on statistics rather than “it’s always worked for me this way,” and 40 years of data on the behaviors of self-made, financially successful Americans.

We’ll have several announcements in the next few weeks about how we’re changing the way financial services considers their target markets and how advisors and firms build relationships with clients. Stay tuned!

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