Behavioral Assessments: On The Fintech Map

The financial technology (or fintech) landscape is evolving rather quickly, and some are calling it the “golden age of fintech.” I recall thinking only a few years ago that DataPoints didn’t quite fit in any of the categories of the various fintech maps that were published. The groupings of CRMs, financial planning software, re-balancing tools, etc. were clear enough. But there really wasn’t a place for psychology and behavioral science in the mechanics of financial planning and investment management, even though we would (and do) argue that client characteristics and behaviors, and how advisors help guide those behaviors, is one of the most critical components of long-term financial success. Last year around this time, the FPPad featured DataPoints on the fintech landscape map for the first time under the category titled “data aggregation/collection.” And just yesterday Michael Kitces released a new fintech landscape map that included DataPoints in a new category: Behavior Assessments. You can see the complete map here. Additionally, our latest assessment, the Investor Profile, also puts us in the more familiar and crowded category of risk tolerance assessments.

We credit our map-worthiness to the advisors who are working with us and partners who believe in the mission of helping clients improve financial behaviors to build wealth. Thanks for putting us on the map.




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