Where Do You Fit?

Where do you fit?

Where do you fit? Where do your services fit in the world of financial planning, investment management, and wealth advisory services? Are you a planner, an advisor, or an investment manager? Or all of the foregoing? The landscape of financial advisory services is evolving, and finding a descriptive and accurate category for your service and role is becoming more challenging.

We’re having the same challenge here at DataPoints. We’re forging something of a new path in the world of financial advisory services, and when you’re creating a new product category, it can be challenging to find a place to fit. We were thrilled to be listed on FPPad’s advisor #fintech map this month and in MarketWatch’s review of critical #fintech products for advisors this week.

So, we’re gratified to be in the same boat with our users and clients–the advisors and their firms and institutions that have embraced behavioral science and technology as a critical part of the wealth-building process and in so doing are cutting new paths in the world of financial services, and improving their clients’ financial results and their own businesses in the process.

Advisor #fintech landscape from FPPad.com
Advisor #fintech landscape from FPPad.com





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