Authentic Advisors

Think about the branding of the message on this church close to my home: 

Now Serving Pumpkin Spice Communion. JK Y’all.

The message is designed to get attention, but it also implies something about the church’s beliefs and personality. The branding is authentic to the extent that the messaging mirrors the culture of the organization.

The disruption in the financial services industry is leading to what we hope is an increase in authentic branding and marketing. We already see this in advisors who are committed to do what is best for their clients: advisors who aren’t afraid to tell prospects the clear truth about their approach to financial planning, what they can expect from working with them, and the reality of the challenges they’ll face as they build and sustain wealth.

As the industry moves to be more authentic, more genuine, and more straightforward about how it works with clients, we’re glad to be a part of this journey. Our company’s goal is to help individuals achieve financial success, and we provide tools to help advisors in that quest. But, we’re not for everyone. We focus on improving financial behaviors and hard conversations and science: that is appealing to some firms, but not to all.

At least not for now.


Photo credit: 11Alive News.

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