Transforming The Client Experience: How Financial Planning Firms Use Behavioral Assessments

Last updated on April 30th, 2021 at 03:01 pm

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Clients seek your financial planning expertise. And, you create comprehensive financial plans for your clients. The plans require clients to make spending, saving, and investing decisions that will help them achieve financial goals and live the life they seek.

Will all clients follow the plans you create? Will they all follow them in the same way?

The real work of achieving financial success comes once your clients leave your office. Client money mindset impacts financial success. Client personality can affect how they follow your plan, the way they make investment decisions, and whether they save or spend in a way that helps them build and maintain wealth.

There is a way to help clients avoid behavioral pitfalls: assess their money mindset with behavioral assessments. Financial planning firms like WorthyNest, Fintentional, and Bona Fide Finance have differentiated their practices by implementing behavioral assessments. DataPoints library of assessments gives financial planners the tools needed to help clients avoid behavioral pitfalls and achieve financial success. Learn more by reading our case studies linked below, or sign up for a free, two-week trial and try them out for yourself.

WorthyNest: Behavioral assessments allow clients to provide honest feedback in real-time on their financial beliefs. Learn how WorthyNest includes behavioral assessments in their financial planning firm to help couples and families.

Fintentional: Tailor your services and recommendations to your client with assessments that measure attitudes, personality, and investing-related characteristics.

Bona Fide Finance: Creating a deeper client relationship that goes beyond just the numbers with feedback and guidance personalized for your client.

Have you thought about behavioral assessments before? Maybe you’ve seen the behavioral assessments box on The Nerd’s Eye View fintech map and wondered how it could improve your practice.

Give our behavioral assessments a try. See if DataPoints is a good fit for your practice by signing up for a free, two-week trial here or contact us to learn more.

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