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When working to achieve financial goals, having a guide can be critical, especially when our patterns of financial choices need some enhancing. Working with a financial coach can improve how we make money-related decisions before working on a financial plan or investment strategy. See how Wise Pace, a financial coaching and planning firm in Atlanta, utilizes DataPoints solutions to ensure clients start on the right path towards financial success.

Share with us a little about Wise Pace and how you work with clients.

Wise Pace helps families experience true financial peace with a clear, values-focused financial plan that puts control back in their hands. Money is a means to an end, but it is not the end. We want to help our clients to stay focused on what is truly important to them. They can think of us as their financial guide, or financial Yoda to cue the Star Wars theme song. In order to be “Yoda”, we have to have knowledge and experience which is why our advisors have obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. The training provides a comprehensive knowledge base for someone’s entire financial picture. We are a fee-only firm which means we do not receive financial incentives for recommending a financial product. Our fee is our fee. Plain, simple, and easy to understand.

How do you use assessments in your practice today?

We love the assessments that DataPoints provides and have used just about all of them. All of our clients take the Building Wealth and Investor Profile Assessments during our on-boarding process. We take advantage of the Zapier connection with DataPoints to make sure we have the needed information where we need it. The results of the assessments, to the client, are turned off once they complete it. The reason for this is we want to share the information with them when they are ready and willing. Once they are ready, DataPoints has additional tools that can be used to coach the client.

How do assessments benefit your practice and clients?

The insights from the assessments allow us to go deeper with our clients at a faster rate. If the client is open and ready, we are able to ask probing questions in targeted trouble areas. If the client is not open and ready for financial coaching, we are able to use the results to help protect them as much as possible and ask thought-provoking questions that could lay the groundwork for change.

What advice do you have for financial planners who want to add assessments to their practices?

My advice to other planners, advisors, or coaches looking to implement assessments in their practices, is to start slow. DataPoints has a lot of tools, features, and behavioral assessments. Determine one to three things to focus on and learn them really well before moving on to the next. This slow on-ramp for your practice will create a slow on-ramp for your clients which will increase the chances of success.

What insights can you share with those who want to work with a financial coach?

I believe that knowing and controlling yourself is one of the most important things that we can do in this life. Financial health and wealth are all about controlling yourself. The assessments that DataPoints provide allows you to discover more about yourself. This insight allows you to strategically change the things that need to be changed if willing to do so.

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