Inside Information Reviews DataPoints

Bob Veres, the renowned author and publisher of Inside Information, recently reviewed each test from DataPoints. Here are a few of the highlights from his review:

  • Investor Profile RTQ: “Instead of getting a number, you can get a picture of the issues that you will need to address with specific clients—or not.”
  • Building Wealth: “The simplest use of the tool is for advisors to see if a prospect is going to be easy to work with, but on a deeper level, the report will identify problem areas where the advisor can personalize recommendations for develop- ing improved behaviors that will help clients achieve their goals.”
  • About DataPoints in general: “…advisors are able to find out, early in the relationship, where to coach their clients toward better financial behaviors, and what obstacles they are likely to encounter to their best advice. In its purest essence, these are the core goals of a financial planning relationship.”

Read what this titan of the financial planning community had to say about the behavioral assessment library from DataPoints. Download the review of DataPoints here.

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