Money Beliefs Workshop

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April 27th from 1-4 pm Eastern

Cost: $149 per person

[Pending approval for 2 CFP Board CE credits for attendees]

Join Maggie Klokkenga, CFP®, CPA, AFC® candidate, Ed Coambs MBA, MA, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, LMFT, and Sarah Fallaw, Ph.D. for a hands-on workshop to help you apply the psychology of financial planning to your practice.

You’ll learn how to use a structured process for exploring money beliefs, and best practices for being flexible in those conversations. You’ll leave this in-depth workshop with a clear process for implementing the  Klontz Money Scripts Inventory-Revised (KMSI-R) when working with clients. 

About The Workshop

Money beliefs can impact the way clients save, spend, and invest. Ultimately, financial beliefs can impact money-related success. During this session, you’ll learn a process for helping clients both understand and enhance their beliefs about money. This session will give you a clear process for using a well-researched measure of money beliefs, the Klontz Money Scripts Inventory-Revised (KMSI-R), with clients. During the session, you’ll learn how to use a “ladder” technique to help clients understand and reframe negative money beliefs.

After attending the money beliefs workshop, you’ll understand how to:

  1. Measure money beliefs with the Klontz Money Scripts Inventory-Revised (KMSI-R)
  2. Interpret KMSI-R results and prepare for client conversations
  3. Utilize financial therapy techniques when discussing money experiences and beliefs with individual clients and couples

Your Facilitators

Maggie Klokkenga is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CPA, AFC® candidate and the founder of Make A Money Mindshift, a financial coaching firm in central Illinois. Maggie teaches that once you discover your WHY, you can adjust your mindset and change your HOWs to achieve your WHATs.

Ed Coambs MBA, MA, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, LMFT, helps couples fulfill their happily ever after love and money story. It’s no secret couples struggle to connect on their finances. It doesn’t have to be this way with the right type of help. Bringing together the worlds of financial planning, couples therapy, and financial therapy, Ed guides couples in becoming the heroes of their own love and money story.

Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D. is the co-author of The Next Millionaire Next Door and the founder of DataPoints. She works with firms around the world to help them understand their clients’ personalities. Sarah received her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the University of Georgia in 2003.

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